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My Rates:

Note: Several people have asked me what the IRS Standard Tax Deduction is. The IRS Standard Tax Deduction is a rate the IRS establishes, at which a business can deduct for miles driven. Last year, it was 55 a mile. So based on last year's rate, I will bill you at 82.5 a mile.

Shipping: At cost. Service of buyers choice. Will cost much more than package express shipping.

Transit: 1.5 times IRS standard tax deduction, plus tolls.

Package Express Shipping: $40 plus the cost of the shipment to destination. Rush orders will be more.

Delivery: 1.5 times IRS for every round trip mile over 10.

Chair Labor: $10/hr

Upholstery Labor: $5/hr

Unusual Custom Craftsmanship: $20/hr

Electric wiring: $20/hr

Capital Cost (chairs/bases/armrests/etc): At purchase cost plus transit to pick up.

Parts costs: At cost to pick up. Transit is free.

Special Dis-assembly: $5 for most, special at $10/hr.

All non-contractual prices listed are liable to be changed at any time, due to demand, parts costs changing, or otherwise, and are given as an example at the current point in time only.