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Available Features

This page serves to show you some of the many features that my chairs may have. Not every chair will have every feature, either by request or by an incompatibility, and some may be fitted with things not listed here. It all depends on the individual chair's capabilities.

Adjustable headrest:

A great many chairs have headrests capable of height adjustment, and some have the ability to adjust angle, too.


Adjustable back:

All seats are capable of very wide angle adjustments, and depending on type, some have adjustable lumbar support, as well. HOWEVER! Gravity and physics should be paid attention to! When a seat is bolted in place to the floor of a car, it can recline to any angle it pleases and be fine, because it isn't going anywhere. Mounted on a thin swivel base a few feet off the ground is a different story. Sitting in any reasonable upright position, these chairs are very safe, and most will take 110 degrees with a 250 lb person leaning back in them easily. Past 130 and you're asking for trouble. We have not been able to limit the travel of the recline, as such, that's up to you- for your own safety, please don't treat these as lounge chairs.


Adjustable height:

All seats are also capable of being hitched up and down by way of the swivel base.



Armrests can be installed on almost any chair with varying difficulty, and thusly varying cost. You also have the option of asking for them to be height-adjustable, though on many chairs, this turns out to be inadvisable: Standard office chairs, where we cannabalize the armrests from, have much thinner seat cushions than most car seats. Because of that, a perfectly suitable armrest from an office chair can turn out to be uselessly short on a car seat.

We can and do work around this, by locking the internal mechanism of the armrests to sit higher than normal. This removes their ability to be adjustable, but allows a thicker seat to even have them in the first place. On thinner-cushioned chairs, the armrests will be left untouched, and retain their ability to adjust up and down to your preferred height.


Covered seat base:

My standard wooden bases, though I'm extremely sure of their strength, are not pretty things to look at. It's generally recommended that they be covered in material, such as vinyl or leather. The cost of this varies greatly, as the time it takes to do this varies greatly with each chair.