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Rates Explained

Shipping: I will charge you shipping at the rate I'm charged for it. I will ship however you wish to be shipped, and the charge for it will be whatever the receipt for shipping your item says it is. I will tell you in advance how much that will be.

Transit: In general, shipping will be a considerable expense. I will account for it in estimates. For the pickup of major parts specific to your project (such as the car seat itself) I will probably go to pick it up from the source myself. This will allow me to double-check the quality of the part before accepting it. Such transit directly on your behalf will be billed at 1.5 times the standard IRS tax deduction rate per mile. The first 5 miles each way are free. For example, based on the 2009 rate of 55 per mile, I will charge you 82.5 per mile driven, so that if I'm going to a pick-up 15 miles from here, you'll be charged $16.50 (30 - 5 free each way equals 20 miles). Naturally, tolls incurred are also charged.

Package Express Shipping: One way I will ship items is via the Package Express Shipping offered by certain common passenger carriers, two examples being Amtrak and Greyhound. This will be much cheaper than, say, UPS. I will charge their price, plus $40 for traveling to and from the Amtrak/Greyhound shipping point in Newark, NJ. This is based on an assumption that you don't mind me taking your order up there as part of another trip for picking up and sending off other peoples orders. If you want me to throw it in the truck as soon as I am done and take it up there, it will cost you more.

Delivery: I am willing to deliver within a 5 mile radius for nothing. Above 5 miles, I will charge you the same 1.5 IRS rate for the round trip.

Chair-building Labor: I charge $10 for each billed hour. Before building the chair I will tell you how many hours it will be, with the total cost of the chair as specified. If it takes me longer than I budgeted, that's my problem, and you wouldn't have to pay for a miscalculation on my part.

Upholstery Labor: I have someone else doing the upholstery covering of the bottom of the chair. That will cost $5 an hour. Once again, price will be quoted before labor begins, and the price is fixed at that point.

Unusual Custom Craftsmanship: This is anything that's fairly complicated and unusual. For example, I normally cover up the adapter with vinyl unless the customer does not want it. The adapter, while built solidly and well, is of the unfinished-wood-and-heavy-bolt school of design. Function first, and form ignored. If you want an adapter that is aesthetically pleasing to the eye, I'm willing to do it. But because of the experimentation and exactitude of the labor involved, the price is higher. This will not apply to probably 95% of the chairs I build.

Electric wiring: I recommend manual seats. Not only are they cheaper to buy, cheaper to build, and easier to do, they are cheaper to maintain, and make more sense. Also, they dont break as easily. However, if you want me to do an electric seat, the time it takes me to wire it for electricity will cost you $20 an hour.

Capital Costs: Items specific to your project, such as the seat, the chair base, and arm rests. I am going to charge you what they cost me, plus the Transit rate of picking them up. For example, if I pick up a seat at a junkyard in Rahway, 35 miles from here, I am going to charge you 60 at 82.5 per mile, or $49.50. If I do multiple pickups at once, I will divide it by the number of items picked up and other weighting factors that Ill happily explain when we discuss your project. But if I'm picking up 4 items from that place in Rahway, it'll be $14.85 ($49.50/4 X 1.2). If you're looking for something rare, I might need to get it shipped here. That will be expensive, but doable.

Parts Costs: Parts are priced at a nominal profit to me. I suspect that in most cases, my prices are about the same as you yourself would pay in the store for them. In anycase, I include an itemized parts list in the estimates.

Special Dis-assembly: Some chairs will be unusually difficult to dis-assemble their seat mounting track. Normally this will be done at just a $5 charge for half-an-hour of labor, but if the seat proves to be difficult, I will add on labor as needed. Chairs that are known to be difficult will be listed. For example, some VW-Audi products need to have a member Sawzalled off.

All non-contractual prices listed are liable to be changed at any time, due to demand, parts costs changing, or otherwise, and are given as an example at the current point in time only.