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Frequently Asked Questions:

What does it cost?
Given the custom nature of the chairs, that's a difficult question to answer. I charge parts and then a labor rate based on my experience. I will decide that price up front. They can start as low as $399. A comfortable seat from a Volvo 240 with armrests will run you about $450, for example. There is no limit. If you want a Mercedes S-Class seat brand new from the factory with a custom mahogany adapter and a wood base, with all the trimmings, and full power adjustability/heating/cooling, well, that'll end up costing you thousands.

Whoa, I remember the prices being much lower last time I came here!
I know, I know. I hate to put them this out of reach of people who would really like to buy one but simply can't afford them, but I myself simply can't afford to build and sell them at the previous prices listed. I made typically less than three dollars an hour on very difficult work, and now that I am building other businesses of my own, I can't afford to essentially give them away, especially when building them requires us to take time away from a much more sensibly paying job. The current prices are reflective of the rates previously laid-out on the Rates page. I'm just actually following my own formulas, now!

Where do you get your seats?
Primarily salvage yards. Fact is, most high mileage and worn out cars accumulate their mileage with only the driver aboard. The passenger seat is often practically brand new. We pick with great care.

How is your quality?
Quite frankly, quality is the base point of my operation. I hate the junk mass produced and then foisted on consumers like so much garbage. This is what inspired me to create my own chair years ago, and what inspired me to create this business. Plus, from a personal perspective, you arenít just my customer; you are my marketer, too. I want you to tell all your friends just how comfortable and high quality my products are. Iím not in the mass production business.

What cars work?
Most do, but as I find them out, I will post any that donít. It's mostly a matter of varying difficulty. Older manual seats out of Mercedes-Benz products are extremely easy. Volvo 240 seats are more difficult because of the lateral mounting. 1998-2004 Volkswagen Passat seats are a real pain, because parts of its mechanisms are intended to be permanently attached and must be sawed off. The price is based on how difficult I think the seat is to work with, because a more difficult seat will take a lot more time.

So far, this is a list of seats that've proven to be too difficult to convert:
  Third generation Nissan Altima, years 2002-2006
  Chrysler Cirrus, years 1995-2000

Iím interested, but I donít see the car seat I want listed.
No problem, I'll try and find what you're looking for and see if I can build it. Write or call, and I will discuss with you an estimate.

Whatís it cost to ship?
A lot. If you are with in my local area, Iíll be happy to deliver it to you, or let you pick it up yourself. (Large cargo area suggested!) If not, well, these chairs ship mostly assembled. I am willing to use both Amtrak Express and Greyhound PackageXpress, both of which are cheaper than the more normal channels when it comes to large, heavy items. If you plan on assembling it, youíll need a good wrench because the assembly involves torquing nuts onto bolts. Iíll be happy to explain the process to you, as it's not particularly difficult. Via door-to-door shipping (Fedex/UPS/USPS), it will run you about $100 in the US. I will ship overseas, but only F.O.B. shipping point.

How long does it take to make one?
Depends on the seat, what options you want on it, and also when you start measuring. Also, this has become my hobby- I no longer prioritize this line of work over my other job, because I can't really make any money on this. For your average chair, assuming I already have the seat in stock, it'll probably be done within a month. If you want me to go searching for a particular seat that I don't have, I really can't give an estimate, unfortunately. I go out seat-searching on my own very rarely nowadays, and the amount of time and money lost on dropping my regular job to trek several hours to several days around the Northeast is far too great for me to sustain.

All non-contractual prices listed are liable to be changed at any time, due to demand, parts costs changing, or otherwise, and are given as an example at the current point in time only.